Over the last 5 years, U.S. dental practices grossed over $171 billion with an average conversion rate of 69%…that’s $53 billion in lost revenue! Dental case acceptance and the process of converting potential dental patients into loyal customers poses a regular challenge for dental practices. That’s why we have put together this list of primary reasons why potential patients fail to convert and how to effectively tackle this issue.

Primary Reasons Patients Fail to Convert

1. Financial Burden

Financial burden often serves as a significant obstacle, preventing potential dental patients from becoming customers. According to Dental Economics, “74 million Americans have no dental coverage and even those who do often struggle to afford expensive procedures”, with 75% of patients only using offices that accept their insurance.

2. Lack of Follow-Up

Lack of follow-up and effective communication often hinder the conversion of potential dental patients into customers. Traditional paper-based treatment plans make it challenging for dental practices to engage with patients, resulting in delays, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities.

3. Poor Presentation

Poor presentation of treatment plans can lead to confusion and impede patient understanding and decision-making. Traditional treatment plans often contain complex dental terminologies and intricate diagrams, making it challenging for patients to fully grasp the proposed treatments, which is a big reason why the “average treatment acceptant rate is around 60%”.

4. Fear & Anxiety

The fear of pain, anticipation of discomfort, and uncertainty surrounding dental procedures can create immense anxiety. Digital treatment plans play a pivotal role in addressing these concerns and soothing patient fears.

The Digital Treatment Plan Approach

The emergence of digital treatment plans offer a transformative solution capable of overcoming patient objections and improving case acceptance. Below we provide a brief summary of the power of digital treatment plans and how they can transform your case acceptance by solving each of the primary reasons why patients fail to convert.

Bridging the Gap Financial Burden

By leveraging interactive tools such as charts and graphs, dental practices can present treatment options and associated expenses clearly and concisely. The most effective digital treatment plans couple these tools with various payment options, that include insurance coverage, payment plans, and third-party financing within the digital treatment plan portal

Enhancing Follow-Up

Digital treatment plans can enable seamless follow-up and communication by leveraging secure online platforms and email. Dentists can share detailed treatment plans, images, videos, and comprehensive descriptions, directly with patients. This allows patients to review the proposed treatments at their own pace, ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in meaningful discussions with the dental team.

Powered Up Visual Presentation

By incorporating interactive elements such as 3D models, animations, and educational videos, digital treatment plans effectively convey complex dental procedures in a simplified and visually appealing manner. Patients can visualize the treatment process, understand the step-by-step approach, and gain clarity on the expected outcomes. This visual representation enhances patient comprehension and confidence, increasing their willingness to proceed with the recommended dental treatments.

Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

By offering detailed descriptions, educational materials, and interactive tools such as virtual tours of the dental clinic or testimonials from satisfied patients, digital treatment plans help alleviate patient anxiety. Moreover, the ability to communicate electronically with the dental team empowers patients to ask questions and seek clarification in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. Through digital treatment plans, dental practices create a supportive and reassuring atmosphere that minimizes fear and anxiety. 

Increase Your Patient Acceptance Rate

Schedule a demo and see the cutting-edge digital treatment plan solution that is helping to create patient advocates for practices world-wide.

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