in-house financing for dental practices
A Guide to In-House Financing For Dental Practices

37% of Americans lack enough money to cover a $400 emergency expense according to the Fed’s 2022 Economic Well-Being of US Households survey. This is trending up 5% from what was reported back in 2021 when we were sitting at

Zuub & Sunbit webinar cover
Zuub & Sunbit: Higher Dental Patient Conversion Rates Achieving Higher Dental Patient Conversion Rates Watch as Zuub and Sunbit discuss how the Smile Now, Pay-Over-Time partnership will provide you with higher dental patient conversion rates. This partnership allows practices to offer financing to more patients that would

Patients Help Financing
What Percentage Of US Patients Require Help With Financing

CareCredit has grown to be the best-known financing option for patients. In July 2015 they conducted the Consumers’ Path to Healthcare Purchases Study. In this study they surveyed 1,954 people. Out of this 682 used CareCredit for dental care. It

Compare Top Dental Financing Companies

A well versed knowledge of various financing groups can increase patient treatment plan acceptance rate in your office. Having only one option for patient financing can ultimately hinder or delay payment. When discussing financing options with patients, it is important

Dental Financing Options
Learn How Having Multiple Options For Patient Financing Helps Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance Rates

The process of getting patients into the chair to determine treatment is just the first of several obstacles healthcare providers need to overcome on the road to treatment plan acceptance. The truth is, everything you do from the first phone

Dental Patient Payment
5 Tips On Increasing Dental Patient Pay And Avoiding Collections

Collecting on completed treatment plans can sometimes take up a lot of a dental practice’s time and energy. With the number of companies that have eliminated dental insurance, a patient’s portion of their treatment plan costs can sometimes be overwhelming.

When To Discuss Financing Options With Your Dental Patients

Timing is everything! When discussing payments and financing options I am often asked when is the best time to discuss money. How many times have you received the dreaded phone call to your office asking, “How much do you charge

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