Are your to-do lists leading to more stress than productivity? Robert Kim, Founder & CBO of Zuub, sits down the Michael Arias the Host of The Dental Marketer podcast to discuss why it’s time to throw out the traditional to-do list and focus on what truly matters. 

Robert shares his revolutionary approach to how dental staff can manage tasks and emphasizes the importance of aligning daily actions with overarching goals. You’ll hear Robert and Michael dive deep into the intricacies of prioritizing tasks in high-pressure environments. Robert provides examples of his experience utilizing the approach in a startup environment so you can mirror the approach within your practices and dental support organizations (DSOs).

Not only will you gain valuable insights into the art of prioritizing tasks based on their impact on clients and the overall mission, but you’ll also hear about what Robert has been working on with the Zuub team to address the inefficiencies of practices and dental support organizations.

Take Aways

  • Why traditional to-do lists might be holding you back. 
  • How to focus on critical tasks that align with your main objective. 
  • The challenges of managing priorities in a startup environment.
  • Insights into operational inefficiencies in practices.
  • How Zuub improves case acceptance rates and patient engagement.
  • The importance of prioritizing based on impact rather than volume.

Listen & Share

Featured on The Dental Marketer Podcast

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The Dental Marketer Podcast is a podcast where they answer all your dental marketing questions & concerns, break down campaigns and strategies, talk all about Ground Marketing, and motivate and inspire, just like YOU motivate and inspire me.

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