Ashley from Frandsen Dental Shares how Zuub helps increase patient experience

Zuub Increases Patient Experience 

“Zuub increases patient experience from the minute patients walk into the practice to the minute they walk out.”

How Zuub Impacts Your Front Desk

“Receptionists have time to actually greet your dental patients and check them incorrectly, by not having to be on hold with so many insurance companies.

Did you know 60% of patients walking in have high anxiety and are already on edge? So by being able to greet your patients and give them some warmth from the minute they walk in is already helping with the patient experience.

Zuub is a quick tool to see who is active and whose insurance might have changed from the last time they were seen, so you can get their new information before their appointment to keep their appointment on time!

Zuub also frees up time for your receptionist to reach out to patients and get them back on your schedule which helps with re-occurring hygiene appointments. We all love new patients but let’s not forget about the ones who already trust us!”

How Zuub Impacts Your Back Office

“Zuub helps with treatment acceptance and presentation by having patient info in and updated so in the event the patients want same day treatment their breakdown is already in the document center and quick easy way for them to look for certain services they are questioning, this will also help familiarize your back office with what insurance breakdowns look like so they don’t have to constantly ask the front office.”

How Zuub Impacts Hygienists

“Zuub helps with sealant and fluoride acceptance, which can increase the patient’s care per visit. By being able to see limitations and age limits as well.”

How Zuub Impacts Doctors

“Zuub helps keep Doctors on time with appointments without feeling rushed or needing to reschedule the patient back because all the patient info is easily presented in Zuub’s Digital Treatment Plans.”

Zuub’s Insurance Verification

“Now here are some things offices will want to implement by utilizing Zuub. The person who is entering insurance info into the software system needs to know how to truly read a breakdown, and know what to change in the coverage table. Zuub is great for getting the info. But it’s what your team does with the info that matters— think of it this way if you put crap in, you’re going to get crap out by not putting the info incorrectly. This is where coverage percentages, insurance maximums, age limits, or frequencies can get missed.

So by insuring your insurance gurus are doing their part of the work. Your insurance write-offs will decrease because your treatment plan is more accurate.

If you’d like to learn more about Zuub’s automated dental insurance verification process click the button below!

About Frandsen Dental

Frandsen Dental has multiple offices across beautiful Utah! Their team enjoys serving the community with first-class dental care that you can trust. With expanded hours and same-day emergency care, they strive to provide the most convenient, comfortable dental care possible for each and every patient.

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