Alpha Plus Dental Center Customer Story, success with Zuub

Zuub is an Easy to Use, Time Saver

Annie shares how Alpha Plus Dental Center was able to easily onboard and utilize Zuub’s Automated Insurance Verification service to save hours of time, despite some members of the team not being extremely tech savvy.

Read What Annie Has to Say About Zuub

“My office Alpha Plus Dental Center has been using Zuub. And it’s helped us a lot because before, we had to manually check daily all the patient’s insurances to see who was eligible and who was active. Because sometimes, like with Mass Health Insurance, they can be turned off the morning of or even the middle of the day. So Zuub saves us a lot of time checking insurance, so we can then do more of the customer service and help with phone calls and questions from the patients that are in the office.”

How Much Time Has Zuub Saved Your Team?

“Sometimes with Wi-Fi and internet working slowly, it’s actually saved us up to an hour of working time. It’s been awesome.”

How Easy Was it to Learn & Onboard Zuub?

“I must admit, I’m very old school. So sometimes it takes me a long time to learn something new, especially electronics, and on computers. But in this case, Zuubb is very user-friendly. And it was easy for me and it was easy for me to then explain to my colleagues how to use it. We like it a lot.”

What Made Zuub Stand Out?

“Our office manager is the one that did the research and found Zuub so I was not aware of any other options, but it’s working great for us. So I wouldn’t suggest for her to look for other options because I guess she found the right one for us.”

Would You Recommend Zuub?

“Yes, of course, I would recommend Zuub to all my peers who work in dental offices and are also doing insurance verification, because it saves a lot of time and gives a lot of information that we need. And we can check patient’s eligibility even on the spot or the day of or, you know for days ahead, and you can program it to be designed exactly how you need to use it in your office. We like using it first thing in the morning to make sure all the patients are still eligible with their insurance.”

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