Dental Insurance Verification Benefits

Verification of dental insurance benefits is a crucial task that can lead to less problematic issues with accounts receivable. Not only will it improve your accounts receivable numbers, it can also help with treatment plan acceptance. Having the information to provide to patients regarding their insurance coverage assists the patient in making an informed decision about treatment.

Outsourcing/Saving Time

Though this task can be time consuming and frustrating, it must be done. Outsourcing dental insurance verification may be an option that will help reduce time spent on hold with insurance companies. Zuub offers a web-based dental insurance verification services in real time for under a dollar per verification. It takes as little as 5 seconds and you will have access to any of your recent verifications for the last 12 months.

The platform also provides an option to integrate with most practice management software including Dentrix, Eaglesoft and Open Dental in order to automatically pull in all the requirement patient info in order to run verifications.

One of the added benefits of the software is the automated dental insurance verification option to perform bulk verifications for a list of patients based on a daily schedule. Simply select all or any multiple patients that you would like to run verification for, and then with a click of a button you could complete the bulk verification process and have the results back in seconds.

One of the added benefits of the software is the automated option to perform bulk verifications for a list of patients based on a daily schedule.

As anyone that has been on hold with an insurance company knows, wait times are often excessive and speaking to someone in person is practically impossible. This barrier is a problem for most offices, yet we are forced to choose between time consuming insurance verification or the loss of revenue due to insurance companies denying claims. Not to mention patients being very upset over unexpected charges and excessive costs they were not anticipating. Time is money, Zuub can save you both with their insurance verification software.

Utilizing Patient’s Benefits

Furthermore, patients may not be utilizing all their benefits if there isn’t verification and a breakdown of procedures covered. Many dental insurance companies are covering more preventive procedures than ever before, this is a great benefit to the patient. Knowing if their benefits cover fluoride treatments, adult sealants and advanced oral cancer screenings, such as direct fluorescence visualization will increase production and prevent the need for unwanted and expensive restorative procedures.

Building Rapport with Patients

Patients can get very frustrated when they receive bills for unexpected charges. Verifying insurance and the benefits the patient is eligible for can reduce this issue. There is no quicker way to lose patient’s trust and get a bad review than unexpected expenses. This leaves the practice manager/dentist in a losing situation, either by losing a patient or losing money due to accommodating a patient’s complaint by writing off the expense. Though all treatment plans come with a caveat that they are an estimate, it is better to have an idea of their eligibility than take a shot in the dark. This will drastically reduce the amount of money lost in the practice.

Final Thoughts

To better serve your patients and improve your accounts receivable balance, it is to your practice’s benefit to ensure insurance is being verified. If this task is too daunting or too time consuming, there are great resources for outsourcing this task. Insurance verification will help improve rapport with patients, improve treatment plan acceptance, reduce accounts receivable balances, and most importantly improve patients’ oral health. Isn’t that what everyone in the dental industry should strive to achieve?

Spring Hatfield

Spring Hayes Hatfield, RDH, is a graduate of Florida State College at Jacksonville. She practices clinically in Tuscaloosa, AL. She is Dental Hygiene Board Certified in Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama. She is the blog manager and co-founder of Dental Masterminds, LLC. Her passions include helping her patients better understand the oral-systemic disease connection and empowering other dental professionals in their quest to provide exceptional dental care. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and two children and spending time with her animals at her useless animal farm.

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