5 Reasons You Have a Low Treatment Acceptance Rate

Many dental professionals feel as if treatment acceptance is the hardest skill to master in dentistry. One would think treatment plan acceptance would be one of the easier skills to acquire, after trudging through dental school or dental hygiene school.

Increase Dental Case Acceptance
4 Ways To Grow Case Acceptance And Revenue In Your Dental Practice

The acceptance of treatment plans is key to any successful dental practice. A provider cannot hope to survive if they are unable to convince their patients to follow the recommended plans that they develop for them. However, getting a patient

Dental Patient Payment
5 Tips On Increasing Dental Patient Pay And Avoiding Collections

Collecting on completed treatment plans can sometimes take up a lot of a dental practice’s time and energy. With the number of companies that have eliminated dental insurance, a patient’s portion of their treatment plan costs can sometimes be overwhelming.

Dentist Digital Photography
Dental Digital Photography – A Must Have To Boost Your Case Acceptance

Digital photography is revolutionizing the way dentistry is done and is quickly becoming one of the key tools to dental treatment plan acceptance. Nothing underscores the need for treatment better than clear, close-up pictures of a patient’s mouth with emphasis

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