Frandsen Dental Decreases Claim Denials by 54%

Ashley Lee, Office Manager of Frandsen Dental, shares how Zuub positively impacts all 3 of their practice locations.


54% Decrease

in claim denials

24% Increase

in collections


Patient Experience


Overtime Costs


Zuub has significantly impacted Frandsen Dental not only by decreasing claim denials but in several other positive ways as well. Initially implemented to automate and streamline dental patient insurance verification, Zuub has successfully simplified day-to-day operations for the team. By efficiently managing insurance verifications and reducing claim rejections, Zuub has saved time for staff members, allowing them to focus more on patient care. The integration with Dentrix software has been particularly beneficial, providing quick access to patient insurance information and treatment planning details. This integration has led to increased productivity, faster same-day treatments, and improved treatment planning accuracy.

Additionally, Zuub’s ability to decrease claim denials and aging days has resulted in financial savings for the practice, demonstrating its effectiveness in revenue cycle management. Overall, Zuub’s impact on Frandsen Dental extends beyond operational efficiency to enhance patient experience and staff satisfaction, making it an invaluable tool for the practice’s success.

“Zuub increases patient experience from the minute patients walk into the practice to the minute they walk out”, said Ashley Lee, Frandsen Dental’s Office Manager.

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Frandsen’s goal was to reduce the time spent verifying insurance to efficiently and accurately capture the 30+ patients per day each of the 3 offices is seeing. Furthermore, Frandsen was looking to increase patient experience while improving accounts receivable and reducing costs associated with overtime.


Zuubs Revenue Cycle Management Software simplified day-to-day operations by managing insurance verifications efficiently and consistently leading to a reduction in rejected claims. Zuub saved staff members time, allowing the team to focus more on patient care through its seamless integration with the PMS providing quick access to patient insurance information and treatment planning details.

Ultimately Zuub provided a positive impact for the Front Desk, Hygienists, and Doctors at all 3 Frandsen locations.

Benefit Breakdowns

Decrease in Claim Denials

“Yearly aging went down from 38 days to 27 days (50 days to 23 days for one of Frandsen Dental’s other locations) since Zuub helps to ensure we are sending clean claims and patients are actually active on the insurance that we’re billing. So that helps with your aging because you’re not sending them out to one insurance company and finding out that they’re not on that insurance.”

Increase in Collections

Another thing that we did see after putting all of our metrics in is that our 31 to 60 days in our insurance accounts receivable was we did do an increase of 4%. So we actually went from having 9,000 outstanding in our 30 days to 8600. Then our 60-90 we went from 4500 to 3600 which is a 20% increase. So those are all huge things as well because we’re actually getting paid faster for the work that we’ve done because we’re actually sending out clean claims to the insurance that the patient’s on.”

Improved Patient Experience

“We’ve been able to increase our same-day treatment for our new patients just by having all that information in Zuub and finding out what they need and then we can easily set up for the procedure. Not having to call and say Hey, or do they have a waiting period or missing tooth clause or how much do they cover on that? All of that information’s already in because we’re able to get that information get it ready and just go.

Reduced Overtime

“Front office isn’t running into overtime with being behind on their day-to-day tasks because they have been on the phone with on with insurance companies all day long. Zuub gives them the ability to get their day to day tasks done and aren’t spending the whole day trying to get verifications.”

More on Zuub's Impact Across the Practice & on Patient Experience

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