All-in-one Dental Revenue Cycle Management Platform

Introducing our game-changing automated Revenue Cycle Management platform – the ultimate solution to optimize your dental practice’s revenue cycle!

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual processes and hello to efficiency and accuracy. 

Join over 2,700 dental practices maximizing their revenue.

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Dental Online Payments

All-in-one Dental Revenue Cycle Management Platform

Introducing our game-changing automated Revenue Cycle Management platform – the ultimate solution to optimize your dental practice’s revenue cycle!

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual processes and hello to efficiency and accuracy.

Join over 2,700 dental practices maximizing their revenue.

Connect to Your Practice Management System in Real-Time

No extra work or double entry required from your end, thanks to our full integration support with your existing Practice Management System

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For Practices

Automate Your Dental Insurance Verifications and Increase Productivity

Choosing Zuub’s automated real-time dental insurance verification software allows you to devote your valuable time to more significant tasks, rather than spending countless hours on the phone each day communicating with insurance companies.

Dental Insurance Verification Schedule

60% Time Saving on Insurance Verification

With real-time insurance verification, you’ll save valuable time with each patient that walks through the door, while providing unparalleled patient transparency to procedure costs and coverage, all at the click of a button.

  • You can view your patients’ daily schedule up to 25 days ahead
  • Automatically pre-populate patient information from your dental software
  • Verify individual or all patients with a click of a button
  • Complete your entire day’s verifications in less than 5 seconds
  • Access to over 350 insurance payers
RCM Treatment Plans

For Patients

Get More Patients to Accept Their Treatments and Increase Revenue

Effortlessly bring your treatment plans to life by delivering comprehensive and educational plans that can be easily understood by your patients. Patients can easily apply for financing, accept treatment, and schedule appointments directly from their digital treatment plans.


For Patients

Streamline Your Patient Accounts Receivable Process and Collect More

Zuub offers industry’s first automated patient friendly digital invoicing, a hassle-free approach to managing overdue bills, all while elevating the patient experience and increasing collection rates. Its all-encompassing solution not only enhances practice productivity but also ensures a superior patient experience.


Dental payments online
Sunbit Dental Financing

For Patients

Get More Patients to Say Yes with Smile Now, Pay Later

Zuub & Sunbit partner to offer easy and affordable patient financing, with dental treatment plans – everyone understands!

  • 87% of approval for your dental patients
  • Eliminates the need for hard credit checks
  • Creating consistent revenue streams for dental practices
  • Offering flexible payments for patients
  • Supporting customized patient specific limits ($100 – $10,000)
  • True no-interest 6 & 12 month plans available for well-qualified customers
  • No application fee or prepayment penalty


Zuub Doesn't Just Pay For Itself.
It Pays For Itself 14x Over.

Average Hours Saved in a month by a provider
1 %
average increase in revenue
1 %
average increase in patient collections

We've Got Tons of Customer Love

93% of practices using our RCM platform would recommend Zuub to other dental practices.

"My first experience with Zuub was as a dental patient, and I was really impressed with how easy it was for me to access my treatment plan and learn more about any of the procedures. I have recommended this product to all of my clients who are interested to see a spike in their case acceptance in an automated fashion.‬"
Francis M.‬
Dental Consultant‬
"We experienced a year over year increase of 32% in case acceptance since we started using Zuub! The team keeps improving the software and the support team has been super responsive when needed. "
Sandra M.‬
Dentist‬ - Practice Owner
"Zuub has been a game changer for our organization in terms of its impact to our production and providing us with additional visibility into detailed analytics around case acceptance.‬

Their deep integration with Sunbit has allowed our practices to offer additional financing options to our patients directly from their digital treatment plans."
Patrick S.‬
Head of Operations - DSO‬

Resources to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

These resources are jam-packed guidance from dental practices, the latest tips, and much more.

With “RCM automation” tools popping up everywhere, it’s easier to ignore the buzz than try to figure out what all these companies actually do. So how should we be looking at these tools? Automation is a great word that often gets associated with RCM – it means my team doesn’t do a particular task anymore, right?


Devan Gillespie

Devan Gillespie
Director of Enterprise Sales

I want to spend a few minutes detailing how you can leverage RCM technology in a way that produces a force multiplier effect. When deployed in a meaningful way, your staff can view RCM technology as a partner that improves job satisfaction and helps them focus on what matters – patient care.


Jason Whitener

Jason Whitener
Account Executive

Not all dental plans are identical. When verifying dental benefits for patients, particularly in situations of last-minute dental insurance verification, it is easy to overlook important details. However, a few significant oversights could potentially harm the dental practice’s rapport with patients.


Tegan Conger

Tegan Conger
Financial Coordinator

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Average increase in practice ‘s productivity

  • Increase case acceptance
  • 350+ payer integrations
  • Collect more, faster
  • Reduce A/R costs
  • Full automation
  • Live customer support
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